Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden!
Love colors your world like this beautiful bouquet of roses from
our garden.

Love is the color of sunshine,
Yellow soft and bright.
The colors that brighten your day
And chases away the night.

Love is the color of red roses,
With velvet petals, soft to the touch,
The color of romance,
That whispers, "I love you so much!"

Love is the color of white gardenias,
That doth purity recall,
The color of steadfastness,
That is willing to give its all.

Love is the color of blue skies,
The truest color of blue,
That depicts a lover's devotion
And says, "I love only you!"

Freda Fullerton
February 29, 2012
Happy Leap Year Day!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden!
This is a little bisque bell, on of my favorite keepsakes.
I love bells... hence today's poem!

Do they ring the bells of heaven,
When a loved one comes home?
Do all the angels rejoice,
Around the heavenly throne?

Do they ring the bells of heaven
To announce one homeward bound?
Do they ring the bells of heaven,
When one receives a golden crown?

Do they ring the bells of heaven
And dance a jubilee,
When a loved one enters
The gates of eternity?

Do they ring the bells of heaven
When the heavenly host sings?
Do they ring the bells of heaven,
When an angels get their wings?

Freda Fullerton
February 28, 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden!
Last night I watched the Oscars, along with millions of other
people. It was fun to watch the expressions on the faces of the
winners, they ranged from delight to shock. I suppose there
were many deserving to win, but there was only one winner
for each category; it's not so with a Christian's reward. We can
all be winners, with rewards lasting longer than an Oscar.

A Christian's reward is now,
You do not have to wait
Until some far  off date,
When you reach heaven's gate.

The peace you find in Jesus
Is your reward today.
Eternal life is now...
Not some future way.

A Christian's reward...
Is fellowship with others,
The blessings of a Christian family
Christian sisters and Christian brothers.

A Christian's reward...
Is forgiveness and love
And knowing that you have a Father,
That will guide you to your home above.

Freda Fullerton
February 27, 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden!
This is our first born, Janet. Today is her birthday. We were so in awe
of this miracle that God bestowed upon us, that we tried to be perfect
parents, made a lot of mistakes, as most parents do. It is the hard-luck
of the first born to train new parents for their siblings that follow.
Happy Birthday-"sweet girl"

Two little eyes,
That shine so bright.
Two little arms,
That hug goodnight.

Two little feet,
That run and play.
Two little hands,
Not still all day.

One little life,
Created in love,
Sent with blessings,
From heaven above.

One lovely woman,
Now grown and moved away.
We thank God,
For sending her our way!

Freda Fullerton
February 26, 2012

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden!
This is over the Niagara River, down stream from the falls
Holding on to my sanity, I did not ride this!

Holding on...
When things go wrong.
Holding on...
When you've song your last song!

Holding on...
When dreams fall through.
Holding on...
When you're feeling blue.

Holding on...
When you've been betrayed.
Holding on...
When you're afraid.

Holding on...
When you're in pain.
Holding on...
When tears fall like rain.

Holding on...
Through all sorrow.
Holding on...
For God holds tomorrow!

Freda Fullerton
February 25, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden!
This little rabbit was in Janet's flower bed. It is not coincidence
that wild animals are cared for, it is God's providence.

You hear so many say,
"Oh, what a coincidence!"
When in actual fact...
It is God's providence.

God has a plan
For you and me,
It is not coincidence...
That you are where your are, you see!

It is not a coincidence,
That we were born in this century
It was in God's plan...
That this time should be.

So, when things happen,
Know it is not happenstance,
But tis God's providence...
That has given you this chance.

Freda Fullerton
February 24, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
Mountains around Mammoth.

If you are feeling unworthy
Know that God has removed your sin,
With mountains of grace,
You have been cleansed within.

If you feel you don't belong,
Know God has made you His child,
With oceans of mercy,
He has longed for you all the while.

If you have no where to turn,
Know that God has a storehouse of love,
That He wants to shower upon you
From His home up above.

If you are in need of some guidance,
Know that His patience is endless too
And He is waiting and listening
And longing to hear from you!

Freda Fullerton
February 23, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden!
This is our granddaughter, Katie at the "happiest place on earth!"
Disneyland, a place to bring laughter to any child and a few of us
grown-ups too. Katie will be 16 in April, almost old enough to work
there. He mom and dad met while working at Disneyland.

A cheerful heart is good medicine. Proverbs 17:22

Laughter will help you
To weather the storms of life.
Laughter will give you courage
To overcome trials and strife.

Laughter is good medicine,
For both body and soul.
Laughter will extend your life,
Perhaps for years untold.

Laughter will gain you companions,
Where frowns will turn them away.
Laughter will make you happy,
When comes the end of the day.

The sound of laughter is contagious,
It rings right into the heart,
So, when you get up each morning,
Pledge to make laughter a start!

Freda Fullerton
February 22, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
Tea for two and "Two Rules To Live By!"

One rule to live by,
Love your God with all your heart;
From His will...
Do not depart.

Love your God,
With all your soul,
He will give you rich blessing
That are untold.

Love your God
With your strength within,
He will cleanse you...
From all sin.

Love your neighbor
Is rule two...
And God's blessings
Will come to you!

Freda Fullerton
February 21, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden!
Theses are a couple of boats that I made for a Sunday School project,
not very substantial for an anchor in a storm. But Jesus Christ is very
substantial in any storm that comes our way!

You have all you need,
A God who hears you when you pray;
You have the Holy Spirit
To guide you each day.

You have all you need,
Grace for every sin;
You have direction
For unseen things around each bend.

You have all you need.
You have an anchor for every alarm,
That will guide you...
Through every storm.

You have all you need,
A candle to light your way
And heaven ahead of you
At the close of the day!

Freda Fullerton
February 20, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:

Love is not getting,
But giving.
Love is when,
For someone else you're living.

If you look for love you may not find it.
Do not seek is so today,
When it comes, it won't stay,
Unless you're willing to give it away.

Love is like a butterfly,
Chase it... it will pass by you,
Give love to others,
It will come back to you too.

Love is like
A two way street
When other's needs you meet
Your love then will be complete!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
One of the rites of childhood is lying in the grass and looking up
into the sky and building a castle in the clouds. Never discourage
a child's dreams!

There are no rules for architecture
For a castle in the clouds, you see;
You just build on imagination,
So very merrily.

The foundation for your castle
Are fluffy clouds, so white,
Lightened by the sun in the morning
And the moon at night.

You have an impressive address,
Number One, Milky-way...
You want to climb right up to the stars
And in your castle stay.

So, never let those about you,
Discourage you in any way,
Keep your dreams before you
Building castles in the clouds each day!

Freda Fullerton
February 18, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
Joy is not necessarily in things, but in the generosity of others.
This table and chairs was given to us, by Jim and Sheri Hall's
neighbor. Josh Mortensen and Randy Elliott generously gave
up their time to deliver it.! So I think their efforts  speak of
"the joy of usefulness." I did not write this poem to fit the event,
but it certainly does fit!

The joy of usefulness
Is being alive.
The joy of usefulness
Is to survive.

The joy of usefulness,
To know someone depends on you.
The joy of usefulness,
To have a purpose too.

The joy of usefulness
We us reach out to others.
The joy of usefulness,
Getting to know sisters and brothers.

The joy of usefulness,
Meeting God's kingdom's needs.
The joy of usefulness
Practicing good deeds!

Freda Fullerton
February 17, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is me with some of my friends at TOPS. The TOPS
organization promotes healthy living as well as healthy

Be healthy...
Forgive everyone everything.
Be healthy...
Hate not, for the freedom it will bring.

Be healthy...
Envy no one of temporal processions.
Be healthy...
Don't make work an obsession.

Be healthy...
Keep anger at bay.
Be healthy...
Make laughter a part of each day.

Be healthy...
Leave worry behind.
Be healthy...
To everyone be kind!

Freda Fullerton
February 16, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is one of my potted plants on my front porch. It not only
is surviving, but it is thriving. It is surprising to me, as I do not
have a green thumb, but "Yes I can" keep plants alive!

"I can do everything through him who gives me strength."
Philippians 4:13

I can't do this...
Yes I can!
I can finish
This... God's plan.

I can't do this...
Live through this pain!
Yes I can, for I know,
Heaven will be my gain.

I can do this...
Even though I cry,
For a loved one
I must say good-bye.

For I know...
This life is not the end,
For in heaven,
We shall meet again.

Yes I can...
Do all things, you see
Through my God,
Who strengthens me!

Freda Fullerton
February 15, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
Happy Valentine's Day!
This picture was taken a Home Town Buffet. They furnish a free meal
to those who have been married over fifty years. Real love is when you
have stoop shoulders, a wrinkled face, gray hair and you can still laugh at
stories you've heard a hundred times and you know nothing will part you,
but death...and you're still in love!

Real love begets real love.
What you send multiplies you see
And like a homing pigeon
It will come back to thee.

Real love...
Is honest and sincere
It has no false motives,
Wants the best for those it holds dear.

Real love...
Is based on real sacrifice
It puts others first,
To serve is to suffice.

Real love...
Seeks happiness, but not its own
It seeks others needs,
And to be a banner over house and home!

Freda Fullerton
February 14, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is a picture of my dad with out two daughter's, Janet
and Julie. Now that dad is gone, I remember a lot of what he
said, but I remember more how he lived his life. I hope
when I'm gone that my children will remember more how
I lived, than what I had to say (and I have said plenty) When
they clean out my belongings, they will find poems, stories,
quotes and thoughts scribbled on scraps of paper everywhere!

Most kids will hear what you say,
Some kids will do what you say,
All kids will do what you do.
So be careful of your path today.

Most kids don't like a sermon
And they certainly don't want to hear,
How things were in your time,
They just want you to be near.

To live the truth, not just speak it,
To be honest with all that you meet,
To treat other's as you want to be treated,
This lesson, they just might repeat.

So if you want kids to be tolerant,
You must be tolerant too,
Kids may not always listen,
But they will do what you do!

Freda Fullerton
February 13, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This was yesterday's threatening clouds, but no rain as
the weathermen forecast.

Reign forever...
Today's heavenly forecast,
No need for umbrella's and rain coats
As in the past.

We can be sure if this forecast,
This heavenly reign...
Not like our weathermen,
That forecast's in vain.

We are now showered
With a deluge from above,
So many blessings
Filled with God's love.

There is a great flood,
Of forgiveness of sin
And a great tide,
Of grace for us then.

So be looking out
For this heavenly reign,
Lives changed forever
When to earth Christ came!

Freda Fullerton
February 10, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Freda's Garden

Welcome to my Garden:
This is our son John, at his High School Graduation. Graduates
believe that they have accomplished much upon graduation, but
it takes a lot of faith to step out and pursue a dream!

Faith is better than belief,
Can you separate the two?
We can believe in something
And not step out in faith, it's true.

The Bible says, "The demons believed and trembled,"
But they had not faith to pursue...
The things that they believed in,
That's where faith comes into view.

We must do more than believe,
We must in faith take a stand...
It may be against the world
And some evil plan.

We accept in faith,
That God is really here...
And that we believe He's real
And by faith, want Him near!

Freda Fullerton
February 11,  2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

Freda's Garden

Welcome to my Garden:
These are some sturdy palms we have growing in pots, along side of
our front walk. They remind me of today's poem, give them some water
and they"keep on keeping on!"

Keep on keeping on...
With the mission before you
Keep to the pathway
God will se you through.

You may stumble at times
And fall by the way,
If you keep getting up,
You'll find strength for each day.

Keep on keeping on...
Though things may be tough,
You may throw up your hands
And say, "this is enough!"

But if you keep traveling on
Down the highway of life,
God will direct you
Through every strife.

Keep on keeping on...
Say, "this, I know I can do."
You will be victorious,
For God will help you!

Freda Fullerton
February 10, 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Freda's Garden

Welcome to my Garden:
I know you're wondering (since there are no kids at our house)
who ate the p.j. sandwich?  I did and I have to weigh in at
TOPS this morning. I'm going to be over my weight limit, but
you can't waste a p.j. sandwich!

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Is like the life of a child.
The bread represents mom and dad,
Holding things together all the while.

The peanut butter is the lessons
you teach them through the years,
That will stick with them forever,
Through the laughter and the tears.

The jelly is the sweetness,
Of the fun things that you do,
Making memories for them,
As they grow up and away from you.

So, serve up a lot of p.j. sandwiches,
As they grow and grow each day,
Knowing that the lessons learned,
Will help them on their way!

Freda Fullerton
February 9, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Freda's Garden

Welcome to my Garden:
This is a Maori cemetery, just outside of Auckland, New Zealand.
The more important people are buried on the higher plots. I suppose
they think the higher plots are closer to paradise. Cemeteries seem to
be so silent. The silence can be peaceful or eerie, depending on how you
look at life. For those who believe in life after death, it can be peaceful.
Today's poem is speaking of a different kind of silence. When someone
is suffering in sorrow, we sometimes do not know what to say and
feel that silence is awkward, but it need not be.

Your silence speaks volumes
To one in despair.
You don't need fluent words,
You just need to be there.

You may feel at a loss
For something to say,
Know that your presence
Is worth more than words can convey.

Other's grief is private,
Words do not always penetrate
Through the vale of tears,
But to your presence they relate.

So, never hesitate
To offer silent solace in times of grief
Know that just your presence
Will bring comfort and relief!

Freda Fullerton
February 8, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Freda's Garden

Welcome to my Garden:
We all have a favorite place or secret place to pray, mine is my bedroom
and my favorite time is at the close of the day. We should be on a talking
relationship with God any time, but I like to close the day with God in
my secret place.

I have a secret place
Where I meet my Lord in prayer.
A place of quiet solitude
And I know He shall be there.

I have a secret place,
Away from the bustle of the day,
A place to stop and rest,
A place to kneel and pray.

I have a secret place,
A place of calm retreat,
A place where I know...
That my God and I shall meet.

I have a secret place
And when the day is done,
I go there to be renewed,
By Jesus Christ, God's Son!

Freda Fullerton
February 7, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Freda's Garden

Welcome to my Garden:
This is a statute of a long dead patriot in downtown Philadelphia.
Sometimes people are as dead as this statute and are still walking

Everyone dies,
Not everyone lives.
Everyone receives,
Not everyone gives.

Everyone chooses,
For we are all free ,
Some choose to live,
Some choose, just to be.

Everyone walks
A path that's their own.
Some walk with God,
Some walk alone.

Everyone has access
to have their sins washed away,
But not all make the choice
To live for God each day!

Freda Fullerton
February 6, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Freda's Garden

Welcome to my Garden:
This is a cute Christmas card from my cousin's granddaughter, this is
her sweet Lana. I'm not sure if she's laughing or crying, but with babies
a doesn't matter they can go from tears to laughter in a matter of seconds.
They do know the way to joy!

To unlock the door of today,
Or to close the door of tonight,
Simply call on the Lord
And He makes all things right.

To fill your heart with joy,
Get down on your knees and pray,
Know God will meet you there
He'll be with you each step of the way.

So, get rid of lingering thoughts
Of failure, mistakes and loss,
Know for the way to to joy,
Christ went to the cross.

Let your mind go back to the cross
Leave each sorrow and care
At the feet of the cross...
Jesus will take the load that you bear!

Freda Fullerton
February 5, 2012


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Freda's Garden

Welcome to my Garden:
These are a few of the dolls I rescued and dressed for foster children,
for our blankie ministry at church. I loved doing this, but I have other
responsibilities now, so I'm taking a break from it. But I still pray for
the children that have to go into foster care and I ask you to pray for
them as well. Their today is sometimes so horrendous, that they have
no hope or belief in  tomorrow.

If we believe in tomorrow
And live for today.

God will be with us
And show us the way.

If we believe that His promises,
Are sure and are true.

He will give us a vision,
To see gray skies as blue.

He will give us a hope,
For a brighter new dawn.

When others believe,
That their hope is gone.

When others despair
And say there's "no way,"

We must hold to the promise,
That all is okay..

And believe in tomorrow,
But live for today.

Freda Fullerton
February 4, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

Freda's Garden

Welcome to my Garden:
Since February is "love" month I thought I would post this
cute card I saved from our granddaughter, Katie. Love will
conquer anger!

Anger conquers when unresolved.
It will eat at your very soul.
Anger shrivels up your life
And soon you're looking old.

Anger gathers momentum,
As long as it has a hold
And it will conquer love
That grow grows within your soul.

It will soon take over life,
If you allow it too...
You will think of nothing else,
Except your vengeance that is due.

Anger distorts the thought process
And warps our point of view,
So resolve it now...
Before it conquers you!

Freda Fullerton
February 3, 2012

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Freda's Garden

Welcome to my Garden:
This is a patchwork quilt top that my grandma helped me piece
when I was a little girl. It is pieced on squares of paper and I
guess it was called patchwork, because it was made from patches
of scraps of material. Paper back then was almost as scarce as
material. I would like to hand quilt it, if I can figure out what pattern
to use?

Life is like a patchwork quilt
Some colors sunshine bright,
Just like some days...
When everything goes right.

Some colors are as dark as night,
Colors of a somber hue,
Life has many dark, dark days,
With somber moments too.

As we stitch them all together,
The brights outshine the dark,
As it is with life...
Blessings outweigh the stark.

In a patchwork quilt,
We need balance in the form,
Life needs balance too,
We rejoice as well as mourn.

Brights would never seem so bright,
If darks did not march along,
Life would never seem so sweet,
If there were no sadness in our song.

Freda Fullerton
February 2, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Freda's Garden

Welcome to my Garden:

Peace awaits me today,
If I look only to God, you see,
I will know that I'm where
And who I need be.

Peace awaits me today,
If I start the day with a prayer
If I get down on my knees,
I know God will be there.

Peace awaits me today,
If I think good thoughts from the start
And say, "This will be a good day,"
I shall have calmness of heart.

Peace awaits me today,
For I have given this day to my Lord
And I know things will be alright,
Peace will be my reward!

Freda Fullerton
February 1, 2012