Monday, October 31, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is a scarecrow I made for one of our "Pumpkin Day,"
celebrations, when I was children's education director at
church. It was a guessing jar, filled with candy corn. I
can't remember who won all those calories?
Happy Halloween to all of you!
We live in a senior mobile home park and sadly
we do not have any trick or treaters. I miss that!

Halloween! Halloween, ghost and goblins everywhere,
With the nippy feel of old Jack-frost in the air.

Black cats slinking on the ground
Bats flying all around.

Up and down the avenue
Trick or treat sounds out anew.

Monsters and skeletons aglow,
Knock on doors of folks they know.

Grown-ups pretend to be affright,
On this scary fun-filled night.

Little witches seek their pleasure
And hurry home to count their treasure.

Make-believe is at its height,
On this special children's night!

Freda Fullerton
October 31, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
It is easy to stand up for Jesus in a free country, perhaps
our biggest danger is that we just get so busy with so
many other things that we shut him out of our lives?
Today's poem has some questions to think about.

Are you excited about Jesus?
Does His message give you a thrill?
Do you love that old story,
Do you like to share it still?
Do you have a clear vision,
Of the cross on calvary,
Or is it just a much repeated story,
Just a page out of history?
Do you stand up for Jesus,
When others scorn His name?
Is the cross your glory,
Or is is the cross your shame?

Freda Fullerton
October 30, 2011

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This picture is the rubble that once was the birthplace of my husband,
Jim. The big, beautiful house was moved out and torn down to make
way for a new one. Life sometimes, seems like that. The old fades
away making room for the new, in our ever-changing world!

It is strange... that God put us in a world
That never remains the same.
Yet, in His Word, he says,
"I will never, ever, change!"

He gives us delightful seasons,
Sunshine, rain and snow
And ever changing scenery,
As through this world we go.

As the things around us...
Move on-move out and die,
We are sometimes left to wonder
About the change... the why?

As I mature and change
And grow older, I do see...
That God in His great wisdom
Is far more wiser than me.

And that He is an unchanging God
In a world with constant change
And we're meant to see the contrast
With confidence in Him to gain.

Freda Fullerton
October 29, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is me with a water color print that the Women's Ministry,
at church, presented to me when I finished my two years of
leadership. The print was painted by my very good friend
and artist, Anita Poland. This is some of my favorite words.
In fact, I had a poem booklet printed with this title. 

Father, give me words
To say, I pray.
Words that will encourage others.
Words that will not hurt, this day.

Words that will build
And help others grow.
Words that will encourage,
Others of You to know.

Words that will not fail
The test of time.
Words that will be...
Words of Thine.

Freda Fullerton
October 28, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii. You can see
how the trade-winds blow the palm trees.
Here in SOCAL we have our famous Santa Ana
(or some call them Santana) winds, which we're
suppose to be experiencing today!

The quiet breath of wind
That blows softly in your ear,
It whispers through the trees
Like a lullaby so dear.

It whistles around the eves,
On a stormy, winter night,
Making you glad to be inside
And out of its windy sight.

You can see it on the water.
You can see it bend the trees
You can feel it on your cheek,
Each large and small breeze.

It can come like a pussy cat,
Purring oh, so sweet,
Or it can come like a roaring lion,
Its destruction so complete.

Hurricane or ocean breeze,
Island trade-winds that blow
Are the winds way of speaking up
As through this world they flow.

Freda Fullerton
October 27, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is our grandson, Russell, on the soccer field.
 He was about ten years old.
About two months ago the phone rang and when I
answered it someone said , "Hi grandma." I said, "Is
this Russell?" He answered, "Of course it is!" He
proceeded to tell me that he was in a bit of trouble and
would I wire him some money? I said, "This just does
not sound like Russell!" He very quickly hung up! a
friend, unfortunately, wired money in a similar call and
of course it was not her grandson. We get e-mails, letters
through the mail warning us about identity theft. On the
news we hear of car jacking, home invasions and we teach
our children not to talk to strangers! So, today's poem seems
a paradox.

Something think about... the very people who are not worthy
of our trust, are the ones who need God most!

"Don't trust your fellowman."
A cynic warns, so grim.
"He will make a fool of you,
If you out your trust in him!

If you practice, 'love thy neighbor,'
And turn the other cheek,
He will strip you of your pride,
And another victim he will seek."

I had rather be a fool,
For love and kindness sake.
I must trust my fellowman.
It's a chance that I must take.

If I reach out in faith,
And take him by the hand,
Tis not I, but God that speaks,
To my fellowman.

Freda Fullerton
October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is a picture of me, taken the day of my mom's
funeral. I'm holding a picture of mom and dad. perhaps
there is not anything that will make you more aware of
your own mortality, like that of losing your parents.

If I should die today
What would I do?
Would I waste my time,
Spend it in review?

If today God called me home,
How would I spend my last hour?
Would I worry about the TV news,
Be grumpy and be sour?

Would I think about the bills
Or the shape this world is in
Or would I seize the day...
And enjoy it to the end?

How would people view my life,
If I should die today?
Would the world be a better place
For my having passed this way?

Just as though it is my last
I'll try to live today...
And see each step I take
In a new and different way!

Freda Fullerton
October 25, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is a street in the old part of the city of Jerusalem.
Jesus may have walked this very street?

Lord, it seems the world
Is drifting far from you.
It seems that worldly pleasures
Are the things they hold to view.

Instead of "love thy neighbor,"
They seem to scorn and shame
And their very speech...
Defiles Your Holy Name.

They ridicule Your servants,
They say that we have to be,
The dumbest kind of people
To follow after Thee.

They taunt and chant...
"We know that God is dead!
If not so... Jesus would return
Just like He said!"

But for us Christians...
We know why You delay Your return.
You wish that no one perish,
For all You have concern.

We know the devil is active
In the hearts of men
And things are much the same now
As they were back when...

Jesus walked the streets of Jerusalem
And the shores of Galilee.
And said to the fisherman
"Come follow Me!"

The world has done some changing
In the more then two thousand years.
There has been a lot of wars,
A lot of heartaches and tears.

The thing that has not changed
The one thing that remains the same
Is Your love for Your followers
Those that wear Your name!

Freda Fullerton
October 24, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is a picture of my paternal grandparents, Fred and Annie McCoy.
It must have been taken on a wedding anniversary. Today would have
been my grandma's birthday.
I loved to visit my grandma's house. My dad's youngest sister, Vera,
was only five years older than me. My grandma had her rooms papered
with news paper. Vera and I would lay in bed and read the print or play
"I Spy."
Grandpa had an apple orchard and my grandma fried the best apples. I
tried for years to duplicate her success but was never very successful!
Today's poem was written several years ago of my memories of
grandma's house.

Visits to grandma's house
Are a pleasure to recall,
Many happy hours I spent there,
When I was very small.

I used to trod the dusty lane,
Her house would come into view,
She would be sitting on the porch,
With always something there to do.

Her nimble fingers hard at work,
Showing years of toil.
Eleven children, she had raised,
She had no time to waste or spoil.

Standing by the old wood stove,
I can see her as days gone by.
Dipping apples, golden brown
Or blackberry cobbler pie.

Gathered round the table,
laden with good food,
She stood and served us all,
In a loving cheerful mood.

Those days have long been gone
And grandma has been laid to rest.
But those memories will remain
As some of the days I loved best!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden!
I love the comparison of God sheltering us beneath
his wings as a mother bird shelters her young!

Hide me in the shadow of your wings. Psalm 17:8

Hide me in the shadow
Of Your wings today.
Let me feel the presence
Of Your peace, I pray.

Let me know the comfort
Of Your healing love
And the reassurance...
That You guide me from above.

I pray for deliverance
From every doubt and fear.
Give me the comfort
To know that You are near.

I pray for the wisdom
Of a life that can be said,
That I always followed Jesus
And that I was spirit led!

Freda Fullerton
October 22, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is a quaint little church in Concord, MA. I think
the church may have some connection to Louisa May
Alcott. We toured her home and the surrounding area
a few years ago and this picture was among the pictures
taken in that area.
I love small, country churches and I always wonder about
the history of the people who have worshiped there.

Father, I pray for healing
Of the broken spirits today,
For the emptiness of souls..
The ones who've lost there way.

You are the great Physician,
Wounded souls are Your expertise.
You long to heal each one.
You long to bring them peace.

You are the mender of broken hearts
You are the potter of broken clay.
You put together the shattered pieces
And heal them in every way.

You light this world of darkness,
For those who are slaves to sin.
You stand at the open door.
To welcome each one in!

Here am I! I stand at the door and knock. If
anyone hears my voice and opens the door,
I will come in. Revelation 3:20

Freda Fullerton
October 21, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is an Amish farm near Lancaster, PA. The Amish
depend on God so much for their bounty and lead a
peaceful, simple life.
In the fall, most farmers and gardeners reap the harvest
of what they planted in the spring. I have already taken
up our tomato plants and will take up the squash plants
this week.

God formed us from the dust
So, He must be close to the soil.
Farmers are in touch with God
As on their farms, they do toil.

Farmers plant the seed in spring
And they must depend on God
To bring the rain and sunshine,
As they patiently prepare the sod

They learn to live by faith,
That God will make things grow.
They are dependent upon the weather,
As they well know.

As the plants mature...
Farmers watch for blossoms fair;
It is in the Hands of God
Of that they are aware.

As they share their bounty
Of the harvest for each day
They share a bit of God,
To all who pass their way!

Freda Fullerton
October 20,2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is the Washington monument in D.C. They say
that George Washington was a man of prayer, perhaps
this more than his war strategy, helped to win the
Revolutionary War?
I have a small plaque on my refrigerator that says,
"More things are wrought by prayer than this
world dreams of."

Do you know the power of prayer,
Sent to God's very throne?
All the miracles that occur,
Shall for now, remain unknown.

God listens to each prayer
Not one goes astray.
He answers each and every one,
But in His own way.

His answer may be no,
Or wait... it is not time.
His answer is always best for you
And is never meant to be unkind.

So, never fear that He won't hear,
Every whispered prayer...
Every plea that comes His way,
No matter what the hour.

God never slumbers, never sleeps.
He is always on call...
He will listen to each prayer
And He will answer all!

Freda Fullerton
October 19, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is the cactus garden at the Huntington Library.
It is a good example of native plants of the southwest
Today's poem was taken from Psalm 75

We give thanks to you, O God.
We give thanks to Your Name.
We give thanks for your wonderful deeds
And that You always remain the same.

You choose the appointed time
And judge of all the earth You are,
You hold the earth's pillows firm.
You placed the moon and each star.

The arrogant will have no boast.
The wicked will have no say,
When You lift Your own
On that eternal day.

No one from the east to the west
Or from the desert to the sea, can we find,
One with the saving power...
That You have for all mankind.

We will sing Your praises.
Your love, we will declare.
You will guide our footsteps,
We are in Your care!

Freda Fullerton
October 18, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is me, playing "Sunshine,"the clown, with my side-kick,
"Hobo," J.E. Dowell. When I was director of the children's
education, at church, I had a program where the children earned
points all month and at the end of the month, "Sunshine," came
around with a cart full of goodies, they could exchange for their points.
I've always said that I'm willing to be a fool for Christ and I think this
picture proves it!

The world would rather see a gospel,
Than hear one, so they say.
What will be the gospel
That we're preaching today?

Do we see the poor and ragged
In the way that Jesus would,
Or view a brother's weakness,
In the way we should?

Will we sing... love one another
And judge another by his skin,
If the skin is the wrong color
We won't invite him in?

How will the world know...
The kind of seed we sow,
Will it be the seeds of Jesus,
Or the latest T.V. show?

Do we believe that lies
Are shaded black or white,
If the white ones hurt no one,
They must be alright?

Do other people's mistakes
Make us very grim...
And make us say,
Unkind things to them?

If we judge another,
The Bible tells us then
That very same judgment
Will come back to us again.

One thing we must remember
As we go along the way...
Our lives are preaching something
To someone every day!

Freda Fullerton
October 17, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is our daughter's. little dog, Cash. He would not
climb those uncarpeted stairs no matter how many
commands were given to him or how much he would
like to see what was on the second floor! Doubt and lack
of trust will cause us to lose a lot of experiences in life!

God, I know You know best,
But You know I like my own way.
If I say, "Thy will be done,"
What will be my lot today?

God, I know I should trust you,
But if I say, "Thy will be done,"
Where will this path lead me?
Will I have to suffer some?

God, You have said, "You love me,"
And you gave Your Son to die.
But if I fully trust You...
What will I have to deny?

God, You have said, "You will be with me,"
That I'm engraved upon the palms of Your hands,
So, Your grace will surely cover...
All my doubts of Your commands!

See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.
Isaiah 49:16
Fred Fullerton
October 16, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is a picture of my husband, Jim, by a shaded
creek that runs behind our daughter's house in Kingston

When I view the beauty,
Of this wondrous land,
How anyone can say, "There is no God!"
I cannot understand?

When I look down on a fertile valley
From a mountain peak,
Or walk a dusty lane,
By a shaded creek.

Behold the vastness of the prairie,
Stretching far and wide,
See the power of an ocean
And the foaming tide.

Listen to the gentle rain,
Falling in the night.
Gaze upon a forest.
Dressed in winter's white.

Discover the first flower of spring,
Or the first turning leaf of all..
They tell me that God is alive
And He created all!

Written July 14, 1981
Freda Fullerton
October 15, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This picture is one our grandson Rich Walker drew when he
was in High School. It hung in the West Kingston, RI. Library
for a time. Today is Rich's thirty third birthday and the following
poem was written when he was born.
"I hear you a new grandchild
Has come you way...
What do you think of that Grandchild?"
Friends say.
If you will listen,
If you have the time,
I'll tell you about
That new grandchild of mine.
No other child
Has such a beautiful nose,
Such tiny ears,
A mouth like a rose.
He doesn't have much hair
On hair on the top of his head,
But he looks like an angel
In his little bed.
His eyes have...
Such an intelligent look.
He may be a scholar,
He may write a book.
So can you blame me,
For being as proud as can be,
For out of all the world's grandma's
He decided on me!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is Jim and me at the beach on Waikiki in Honolulu.
You can see Diamond head in the background. It showers
very frequently and is quickly over, so that you seldom need
an umbrella. Perhaps the frequent showers is what keeps the sky
so blue? Since our lovely rain Wednesday, the weather has been
so beautiful, clear blue skies and no smog!

After the rain...
The world is washed clean,
And old mister sun...
Appears on the scene.

After the rain...
A rainbow in the sky,
A promise from God,
On which we can rely.

After the rain...
The air is so clear.
The sky is so blue.
Heaven seems near!

Freda Fullerton
October 8, 2011

October 8

Greetings: God bless you this day!

Sometimes when you cry out to God, it feels like sending a
message in a bottle. You wonder if the message will reach its
destination, or you doubt that rescue will come in time. God's
provisions were put in place even before your current difficulties
began. He has not forgotten and His timing is perfect.
(Vantage Point Devotional)

Then he said, "Fear not, Daniel, for from the first day you set
your heart to understand and humbled yourself before God, your
words have been heard. Daniel 10:12

And remember: It happens in God's time, not yours!

Know I prayed for you today. Blessings- Freda

Friday, October 7, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
Today would have been my mom and dad's Anniversary.
This is a picture of my mom and dad at their Fiftieth Wedding
Anniversary party. Dad is holding great grandson Russell
Walker. I found the following poem among some of my papers
the other day. I'm not sure if I read it at their party, but I'm
posting the revised version today in honor of their sixty plus
years of their married life.

It was fifty years ago that you said, "I do."
You have so many memories that you can recall.
I'm sure that living them...
It doesn't seem that long at all .

It was the springtime of your life,
That you came together...
And you have remained side by side
In fair and stormy weather.

The summertime of life brought you blessings
Of the patter of little feet.
As you strived to make a home for them,
Your union now complete.

As you moved to the fall of life
Things were not always well.
You had lost a son by then.
And the lost hurt more than you could tell.

Ever moving closer...
To the winter of your years,
A daughter leaving home,
Brought both joy and tears.

Now your life has come full circle
It's just the two of you...
God bless you in the winter years
In everything you do!

Freda Fullerton
October 7, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
We had a lovely rain yesterday. This is a Kinkade print.
The picture depicts a rainy day. There is two people with
umbrellas a women and a little girl with a pink umbrella.
You can barely see her. She is on the left.
One early, rainy morning I was driving down a local street
and saw a lady with a pink umbrella. It was such a bright spot
on a gloomy morning that it inspired the following poem.
Be a bright spot in someone's gloomy day today!

I saw a pink umbrella
On a gloomy, rainy day.
A very cheerful color.
It chased the gloom away.

It reminded me of a pink sunset
On a stormy sea...
And it seemed to say
Cheer up... take a look at me!

I like a spot of color,
Not all black and white
And I thank God for each color
That makes this world so bright!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
Fall in Rhode Island.

Many times we live in the past
Days of yesteryear we recall.
Or we plan for days ahead,
Not living for today at all.

We forget today is all we have,
Right now, just this minute.
Even though we have today,
We're not really living in it.

We should not reminisce the day away,
Or plan for tomorrow so much...
That we lose sight of today,
The sights, the sounds, the touch.

We have given back yesterday,
It's gone back to God's own land.
He has yet to yield tomorrow,
He still holds it in His hand.

To enjoy what we have today,
I'd say this is the way...
Don't look back, or look ahead,
Just keep your eyes upon today!

Freda Fullerton
October 5, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is our granddaughter, Katie, at Disneyland,when
she was small. I don't think patience would have helped
to pull that sword out of the stone?

Lord, when I pray for patience
It always seems to be...
You send something difficult,
You seem to challenge me.

When I pray for patience, Lord,
What I really mean to say
Make it easy, Lord...
Let me have my way.

Don't touch my life, Lord,
With any thing unforeseen,
Clear the lines I wait in,
Make all the stop lights green.

Now, about my friends and family, Lord,
Please listen to my plea...
Help then not to be so difficult,
You know it's them... not me.

Now, that it's on paper, Lord,
Written for me to see...
I know that patience comes from practice
As you work Your will in me!

Freda Fullerton
October 4, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
Old friends and new friends. We made a trip to Australia,
New Zealand and Fiji, with old and dear friends, Joe and
Mary Scroggins. I'm standing in the back second from the left
I have on a white top. Jim is standing next to me and Joe next
to him and Mary next to Joe. She has on a dark top.

Old friends, tried and true,
Are always the best kind.
Friends that will see you through
And have stood the test of time.

Fair weather friends come and go
And sing a good-time song.
They love happy, care-free days,
When trouble comes, they're gone!

Old friends stick like glue
And will stand by, when trouble comes around.
They're there through thick and thin,
With feet planted on solid ground.

Old friends have time to listen
And always know how to ease your pain.
They see you as you really are...
And love you just the same!

Freda Fullerton
October 3, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is all that's left of the temple court area. It stands just
out side the mosque, built where the temple stood in Jerusalem.
Today's poem is taken from John 8:1-11. The earliest manuscripts
do not include this story. I'm so thankful the latter ones do. It is
such a wonderful in sight to Jesus' forgiveness.

Jesus wrote upon the sand,
As they brought the woman His way.
"Stone her" (they demanded)
"For she has gone astray."

Jesus continued to write,
And said in a softened tone,
"Let he that is without sin,
Cast the first stone."

Quietly they went away,
leaving one by one.
Jesus said, "Where are your accusers?"
She said, "Master, there are none!"

Do we cast stones,
At people every day,
In the way we look
and in the things we say?

If we should meet our Master
And look Him in the eye...
Would we cast our stones
At people passing by?

If we could see His eyes,
What would they reflect?
Would it be our unforgiving spirit,
Unkindness and neglect?

For it was said, "None are righteous,
No not even one....
Save for Jesus Christ
God's own begotten Son."

If we become accusers,
Of others along life's way,
Perhaps we stand accused
Before our God this day!

Freda Fullerton
October 2, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
Can you believe it is the first day of October? This is
a picture of our granddaughter, Katie, when she was small.
We were at a Halloween function at church and she was a
bit overwhelmed with the crowd. She felt snug and secure
in her "lady bug" costume, with grandma's hands wrapped
around her. I'm so thankful that God gave me hands to serve
and caress those I love!

God gave me hands to do His will,
Though small the task may be,
A cup of water, a warm handshake,
A package wrapped so lovingly.

An apple pie, fresh from the oven,
Baked for those I love.
Hands folded quietly, in prayer
To my Father up above.

A written note sent by mail
To someone feeling blue.
A hand made item for a baby
Oh, so precious and so new.

Tightly clasping the hand
Of one I love so much.
Flowers picked for someone,
That needs that special touch.

To wipe away a tear...
From a sorrowful eye,
Or to wave a greeting
To someone passing by.

These are but little things,
But my Father understands,
These little things are so important,
That's why He gave me hands!

October 1, 2011