Saturday, December 31, 2011

Freda's Garden

Welcome to my Garden:
A friend posted this on FB and I thought it was neat! It fits today's poem.
Happy New Year's Eve everyone!

Lord, if You feed the sparrows,
Help me to see...
That I need not worry,
You will take care of me.

If I'm walking through a valley
And the path seems obscure,
Help me to look up...
And know that You are near.

Lord, if You forgive each sinner
And I know I'm among the lot,
Help me to realize...
I have the forgiveness that I've sought.

As I look back upon this year.
If there are regrets I see...
I know tomorrow is a brand new start
And a new, clean slate for me!

Freda Fullerton
December 31, 2011

Friday, December 30, 2011

Freda's Garden

Welcome to my Garden:
This picture is out of our old KJ Bible. When Jim and I was first
married almost 58 years ago, I thought there were three things a
household had to have... A King James Bible, A Ball canning book
and a Sears Catalog and I set about ordering all three. We had this
same Bible as I was growing up and I always loved the pictures in it.

"Who ever said life was fair?"
Is a statement often made,
But that doesn't help
When with unfairness we are paid.

Our first inclination
When someone hurts us so,
Is to think it's "pay back time,"
We want them to know.

We must stop and think,
How would Jesus react...
When others were unfair,
Did He pay them back?

No! He forgave the unforgiving,
For the unloving, He showed care.
He wants us to be like Him,
Even, when life seems unfair!

Freda Fullerton
December 30, 2011


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Freda's Garden

Welcome to my Garden!
The picture is a Christmas card from our daughter and
son-in-law, Janet and Richard Walker. When we think
of the Lamb of God, we think of peace.

There are moments of peace in the presence of God,
When you are in prayer...
You can feel His presence,
You know that He is there.

There are moments of peace in the presence of God,
When you let His Word speak to you...
Let it be your guide,
In everything you do.

There are moments of peace in the presence of God
And joy it will bring...
When you lift your voice
And sweet anthems you sing.

There are moments of peace in the presence of God
When you meditate upon His creation
You will feel awed with wonder,
And with great appreciation,

For all He has provided
For you and me...
And the moments of peace in the presence of God
Are what you shall see!

Freda Fullerton
December 29, 2011

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Freda's Garden

Welcome to my Garden:
This is our grandson, Jeremy Walker, doing his officer's
training last July. He is in the Army and going to medical
school. He hopes to fight the enemy with medical training!

"Thanks be to God! He gives us victory through the Lord
Jesus Christ." 1 Corinthians 15:57

We're surrounded by the enemy
As through this life we trod
And we often think we're alone
We cry out, "where are you God?"

We wonder why the wicked prosper.
We are like the Psalmist  of old,
Who had problems with his enemies,
That we're so successful and so bold.

God placed man in the garden
Safe, he was meant to be,
But sin entered into the garden
And that set the enemy free!

Death, sickness and destruction,
Followed in his path...
He is filled with so much hatred
That on you, he would cast.

But we know that he is powerless,
Where the blood of  Christ does flow
And even though he may surround us,
He can't touch us, don't you know?

For it was on the Cross, Christ suffered
To set mankind free...
He won a victory over Satan
On that cross on Calvary!

Freda Fullerton
December 28, 2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Freda's Garden

Welcome to my Garden:
This is a Christmas card from our son-in-law, Richard Walker's, Aunt Dot.
She sent it to us in 1998. It is from one of her paintings. I'm so glad I kept
it, for she has passed away since then.

Snowflakes, like diamonds,
Fall softly, from the sky;
They gather on the tree limbs
As they silently glide by.

Snowflakes paint the world white,
With a soft blanket all around
A world that's so quiet...
You can't hear a sound.

Like our finger prints,
No snowflake  is the same
Each is a note from God
And is signed by His own Name.

So, when you feel a snowflake,
Falling gently, on your face...
Know it is a note from God
Filled with love and grace!

Freda Fullerton
December 28, 2011

Monday, December 26, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
I hope you and yours were as blessed as we were this
Christmas! Today's poem tries to express that!

My best gifts this Christmas
Were not found under the tree,
But were the love and friendships
Shown by friends and family.

Phone calls from loved ones
That could not be here,
Making them not seem so far
And wishing they were near.

Cards through the mail
Writing about life and each new thing.
A special Christmas service at church
Singing carols, as our voices ring.

Greeting people who've moved on
And returned for the holidays.
Christmas is not always under the tree,
It is in the love shown so many ways.

Christmas maybe over...
Dinner left-overs have been put away,
But I pray that special feeling
Will be with me each new day!

Freda Fullerton
December 26, 2011

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
Merry Christmas to all of you!

A baby in a manger
Came to save mankind,
Not a warrior king
That the people had in mind.

A lowly, humble, carpenter,
Who ate with men of common birth,
Scorned by the rich,
Who thought he had no worth.

He came helpless, in a manger,
Died, nailed to a tree.
He did not fit the profile
Of what they thought he should be.

He defied the haughty intellect,
Saw through their hypocrisy.
He was to them a paradox,
A servant king? That could not be!

So, they failed to see the power
Behind the humble man.
A king born in a manger?
This they could not understand.

When our dreams are not fulfilled
And our plans have gone astray,
Do we fail to see a Savior...
In the babe born on Christmas Day?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
I love this card from some dear friends. We announce the
birth of a child and so much care is taken, but the Christ Child,
the King of the universe, the Savior of the world had no
announcement or birth certificate written for Him!

Sing and rejoice...
Let us praise His Name,
For He is filled with glory
And forever He will reign.

Emmanuel... means God with us.
A promise to Israel of old
The never ending story
That the prophets foretold.

He was with the shepherds,
On that first Christmas day,
Not in the comfort of an inn,
But in a manger filled with hay.

There was no castle to welcome Him
On the day that He was born...
No certificate was written,
For that unforgettable morn.

But the angels did announce it,
So it shall ever be,
Emmanuel, God with us...
Sing and rejoice with me!

Freda Fullerton
December 24, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is me on the job, at Kraft Foods, in the food lab.
I learned many things in the fifteen years I worked there,
but perhaps more important than the things I learned, were
the friendships I made!

I have learned...
I still have a lot to learn.
The more I know,
The less I'm concerned...

With winning every argument,
Being right each and every day.
I admit I am wrong,
When it proves to be that way.

I have learned...
Those I love, too soon will be,
Growing up and growing old
And soon be leaving me.

So, I must tell them now,
How much they mean to me,
For I have learned...
Tomorrow may be to late, you see!

Freda Fullerton
December 23, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is a sweet manger scene.
Today's poem recalls that very first Christmas and Paul's statement,
"At the name of Jesus every knee should bow in heaven and on the
earth and under the earth." Philippians 2:10

Do you hear what I hear,
Oh world that lies asleep?
Tis the news of Salvation,
A message to repeat.

A savior was born...
In a manger filled with hay.
The little lambs welcomed Him
On that first Christmas day.

The shepherds in the field
Heard the music sweet
Sung by angels from on high,
While the world did lie asleep.

Do you hear what I hear?
A message that doth proclaim
A Savior born into the world,
That will one day, bow before His name!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is a "winter wonderland," our daughter's backyard
when they lived in Jamestown, Rhode Island. Today's
poem was taken from 2 Timothy 4:12. " Do your best
to come before winter." Paul was writing from a prison
in Rome and there is no indication that Timothy made it
to Rome that winter, but I like to think he did!
I hope your preparations for this busy Christmas season, is
filled with peace and joy!

Come before winter...
Gives you a feeing of urgency  .
Prepare for the cold season
Is what it seems to be.

I need to make very sure
That I am well supplied,
For the stormy season...
For whatever may betide.

I need to take measures
To be prepared so very well,
For for each and every season,
For winter's, long, cold spell.

Even nature prepares for winter,
As we all well know...
Squirrels, birds and even trees
Prepare for winter snow.

I need to be prepared...
For the winter of my life,
Learn to live above
The stress and the strife.

I want to be ready...
Spring, summer, fall,
Or if it should be winter,
When God makes His call!

Freda Fullerton
December 21, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is our grandson Jeremy, when he was small, having some TLC
with his puppy, Corky. They moved Corky to Rhode Island with them
and he lived until Jeremy was in high school.  
In this busy season take time out for the "little things."

These little things,
Make life worthwhile
A gentle touch....
A friendly smile.

A note sent...
Through the mail,
From a friend
Who will not fail.

A simple meal
With those we love,
Hands clasp in prayer,
To God above.

A beautiful sunrise,
New each day,
A loving hug...
Coming your way.

These are but a few
Blessings, each day brings,
So thank God...
For these little things!

Freda Fullerton
December 20, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
I'm taking this poinsettia to the cemetery today to place
on my mom and dad's grave. I miss them at Christmas
time! I'm sure you have loved ones you miss as well.
Today's poem is a "thank you," to my mom and dad,
as I remember Christmas, when I was young.

As Christmas time draws near
I miss my mom and dad.
And I want to say, "thank you,"
For giving me the childhood I had.

Thank you, for teaching me about Jesus
And making me want to claim
That grand old Christmas story
And to wear His Holy Name.

I miss you at the Christmas table,
As I remember days gone by.
Mom, I'm still making...
Your famous, chocolate pie.

And dad, I need the pair of house-shoes
That you always bought on Christmas Eve.
Shopping done early...
Is something in which you did not believe!

And as I remember...
My young days, I recall,
Santa always came,
Even when the purse was small.

So, for all the sacrifices...
I say , "thank you," today,
As I remember Christmas' past
In very a special way!

Freda Fullerton
December 19, 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This beautiful card was sent to us by our very good friend,
Robbie Rorex. She sends us a card about once a month. We
feel so blessed to be remembered. It keeps us connected to
the vine.
In this busy season of card exchange, send one to someone
that you know will be unable to return the favor. These are
the people who need remembering the most.

(Jesus speaking, said, )"I am the vine and you are the branches."

Bloom where you're planted,
So some would say...
But that does not give us directions,
The how and the way.

Does blooming come with age?
Is it just a location?
Do we bloom naturally...
Or through our occupation?

I think we may find...
That it's all of these. you see,
If we bloom where we're planted,
We bloom continually.

But we cannot bloom
If we're not attached to the vine.
We need to be in Christ
And know His forgiveness divine!

Freda Fullerton
December 18, 2011

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
Today's poem was written when our oldest grandson, Rich
was in the second grade. I was his Sunday School teacher
and I made cookbooks of the class' favorite recipes, to give
to their mom's for Christmas. I put this poem in the front of
the book. The picture was taken Christmas Day, when our
youngest grandson Jeremy, was about 4. Notice the fire truck
and hat on the left, we got that for him for Christmas.
Christmas day, Rich, Russ (the middle grandson) and Jeremy
were out in the front yard playing, when I went to check on
them, Jeremy was missing, the older boys thought he had come
 back into the  house. I took off up the street at a pretty good clip,
turned the corner and there was Jeremy, peddling way. I yelled,
"Jeremy where are you going?" He answered, "To a fire.!"
I'm sure you all have such Christmas stories? So, come with
me down memory lane and remember what it was like to be
a child on Christmas!

As Christmastime is nearing
It would be worthwhile,
To look at the season
Through the eyes of a child.

Remember the time...
You wanted a tree flocked with snow,
You shopped for your parents,
For a gift that was just so.

The days moved so slowly,
You counted each one...
Dreaming that Christmas Day
Would be so much fun.

On a new bike...
You would whiz down the street,
Looking for neighbor kids,
You hoped to meet.

The skates, the scooters,
Dolls, cars and games,
All the stuffed toys,
You gave them all names.

You ate too much candy
And came dinner-call,
You were not hungry,
So you tried to stall.

You were much too busy
Playing with every new thing.
Dear parents.... remember this Christmas
Be patient... with your offspring!

Freda Fullerton
December 17, 2011

Friday, December 16, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is silver Christmas bells, I've had for some years. Todays poem
made me think of these bells.

Have you heard the bells of Christmas?
They ring out clear and true.
They are ringing out the story,
That is old, but ever new.

It is the grand old story,
Told each Christmas day,
Of our Savior's birth
In a manger filled with hay.

How the Angels did announce it
From their heavenly abode
And the shepherd's saw them
In the fields and on the road.

How the new King's parents,
With wonder gazed upon...
The Master of the universe
That had come down from His throne!

Freda Fullerton
December 16, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is me trimming my Christmas tree yesterday.
I always take a trip down memory lane when I
trim the tree. I have ornaments from the children
when they were in school and from some of the
grandchildren and one from our great grandson
Sawyer. They are not all master pieces, but they
are special, for they were given in love! I have
some from many friends and coworkers. Some
from special people that are no longer with us,
some from my in Sunday School. I remember
each one as I place them on the tree.

It is time once again
To trim the Christmas tree.
And so many memories
Come flooding back to me.

Ornaments, from trips I've made.
A manger scene from Bethlehem
And a Santa Clause
From some German town.

A lot of ornaments...
From friends and family
I remember each one
As I place them on the tree.

Some, old and faded
From our first Christmas
Some lovingly homemade
That the kids and grandkids gave us.

Each one is very special
And as I place it on the tree
I'm thankful to my God
For the love and friendships He's given me!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
I'm so thankful to have a Christian husband that believes in the
"power of prayer."
During this busy season don't neglect to call on God in prayer!

You often hear people say,
"All that's left is prayer."
Don't wait to use this privilege
Until that last hour.

We seem to think of prayer,
As the last resort....
When it should be first in prayer,
It should be our great support.

We don't need to wait
And try methods of all kind,
It should be first in prayer,
We need to keep this in mind.

We shall never know
How many miracles there are in prayer
Until we make it our first choice...
And meet our Lord and Savior there!

Freda Fullerton
December 14, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
Yesterday on face-book I told my daughter that I had
made Christmas cut-out cookies... hearts, stars and trees
and I thought I felt a poem coming on... and here it is!

Hearts make me think...
Of all of those I love
And how God sent His only Son,
From His home up above.

Stars represent...
The one the shepherds kept in sight
As they traveled to Bethlehem
On that first Christmas night.

Christmas trees and gifts around them,
Reminds us of the gifts the magi brought that day
And the manger, made of wood,
On which the Christ Child lay.

And as Christmas day draws near
And we think of symbols we hold dear,
Let us ever be thankful
For this special time of year!

Freda Fullerton
December 13, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden!
This is a few of my Christmas cookies and candy, I've
made this week. I love to bake, especially on a rainy
day. It's raining this morning and I have sugar cookie  
dough chilling in the refrigerator to make Christmas
cut-out cookies later. In the poem below I've mentioned
a few more of my favorite things to do on a rainy day!

Rainy days and baking
Is so much fun
Spicy smells fill the house
Tempting everyone.

Rainy days and reading
Is a favorite for me
A fleecy, throw upon the couch
That's as cozy as can be.

Rainy days and soup
Bubbling in a pan,
With its homemade goodness,
Not from a can.

Rainy days and writing,
Notes you hope will cheer,
Those you want to remember
And let them know you care.

Rainy days and naps,
The patter puts me to sleep
And makes it seem the world
Is all at once at peace!

Freda Fullerton
December 12, 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
It is hard to teach giving when we have so much and there is
so much to want! One way is to let your children or grand-
children see you giving to others, When my girls were small we
made cookies and took then to a rest home. A friend bakes pies
and takes them to the local fire station. One year my Sunday-school
class took a ham to a needy family. There are many places to give this
Christmas season.

It is what you give
Not what you receive.
It's how you live...
Not just what you believe.

If we do not feed the hungry
They will not hear what we say,
If their stomach is empty,
They won't see God that way.

It one is cold or lonely,
They can't be warmed by a speech.
If we first feed and clothe them
They will listen to what we teach.

We can't feed the world
The poor will always be,
But we can start with one
That one will pass it on, you see.

It's what we give...
That counts so very much.
We're the hands and feet
For those who need the Master's touch!

Freda Fullerton
December 11, 2011

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is me, playing with our granddaughter, Katie, when she
was small. One way to slow down... take the time to play
with someone you love! During this busy season also take
time out to fellowship with God!

Slow me down God,
When I'm in a hurry, and you're not.
When I run before You...
With Your will unsought.

Slow me down God,
When my mouth runs away
And I'm not really thinking
Of the things I might say.

Slow me down God,
May I not wrongly judge today
Other people's actions
And other people's way!

Freda Fullerton
December 10, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
As the poem says, some memories are sad. This is a picture
of my two lovely daughters, Janet and Julie, standing in the
back and a family friend, Anna, in the front. Janet and Anna
started Kindergarten together, and became life long friends.
We lost Anna a couple of years ago. She was like an Aunt
 to Janet and Richard's three boys.

One of God's greatest gifts to man,
They give us a chance
To relive good times now and then

Celebrations are so very sweet,
Memories of family gatherings
Are always such a treat.

A Birth...
The birth of a child is such a treasure,
Remembering your first glance
Brings back such pleasure.

Around the table with family's favorite food
Just remembering the taste and smell,
Puts you in a holiday mood.

Sad Memories...
We think of those we've lost,
But even if some memories are sad,
Remembering, is worth the cost!

Freda Fullerton
December 9, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is my fruit cake I baked day before yesterday.
I think fruitcakes been gotten a bum wrap. People are
always making jokes about fruitcakes but, our Christmas
dinner would not seem like Christmas dinner without it.
I've been making this same recipe for over fifty years.
Today's poem was written several years ago. I'll be happy
to share my fruitcake recipe on request.

It would not seem like Christmas
If I did not bake...
The spicy, fruit filled goodness,
My traditional Christmas cake.

It is filled with candied cherries
Pineapple and pecans too.
I add a pound of golden raisins,
Just before I'm through.

I mix the sugar and the butter
With six fresh eggs and then,
A bottle of brandy flavoring
Is now blended in.

I add flour and the spices
And bake it up just right.
Then I decorate it...
And store it out of sight.

It is best, if it is baked
About Thanksgiving week.
With fruit and nuts heaped upon it
If looks like a Christmas wreath.

Christmas Day, it has place of honor
On a crystal plate...
Then I'm glad I took the time to bake it,
My traditional Christmas cake!

December 8, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is the War Memorial At Pearl Harbor. Today marks the
seventieth Anniversary. Few thought after that crisis that peace
would reign again, but God has brought peace and prosperity
to both nations. Although we have been in and are still in crisis
with other nations.

Peace in crisis
Is what Christianity is all about.
Jesus prayed, "Father keep them in the world,
But the world in them, keep out."

We cannot withdraw from the world
And serve God effectively.
We must meet people where they are
And love them unconditionally.

Peace in crisis
Does not mean some ivory tower.
It means getting in the trenches,
Meeting God in prayer.

Peace in crisis,
Is trust in a living God
Who will be with us each step,
As through this world we trod.

Freda Fullerton
December 7, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
My dad owned all four of these Gibson Instruments and he
could play all of them.
I hope that through this busy Christmas season you will not fail
to feel, "The Master Craftsman's Touch."

The craftsman of an instrument
Can play it best...
Because he created it,
He can put it to the test.

He knows its limitations.
He knows what it can do,
Just as the Master Craftsman,
Who created you.

In the hands of the master craftsman
His touch makes the music sweet,
Just as our Master Craftsman
Makes our lives complete.

He knows just how we're made.
He knows our very heart...
And His touch makes the difference
In our lives right from the start!

Freda Fullerton
December 6, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
These are some mountains on Oahu, Hawaii. We rented a car
and toured the Island. When you get out of Honolulu, there is a
lot of open space. The mountains looks difficult to climb, like some
of our mountains in life. This time of year is not lovely for everyone.
Some people find it the loneliest  time of the year! Please keep them
in your prayers.

We think life would be so nice
If we could live it on an even keel,
If we had no stormy seas
That we had to sail.

We would like all sunny days,
With no storm-clouds in sight.
We want to walk a happy road
Where all is rosy and bright.

We can't always live on the mountain high,
It is not reality....
We can't always sail
Through a calm and peaceful sea.

If you're experiencing a season of the downs
And things do not seem right,
Remember morning will come soon
And crying last, but for a night!

Freda Fullerton
December 5, 2011
"Weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing
Comes in the morning." Psalm 30:5

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
I've certainly moved a few years away from this time in my life.
I've married, had children, retired from the work-place, seen
grandchildren grow up and lost some loved ones along the way.
But God is still God and still good!

Wherever you are in life
It won't stay the same.
It changes all the time...
And status-quo does not remain.

You grow older with each year
And you find that you can't do,
All the things of yesterday,
The things that meant so much to you.

You walk, instead of run,
You go at a slower pace.
You find now, you have the time,
Since you're not in some kind of race,

To prove you have what it takes
To succeed in the game of life.
You just can't put out the effort,
To join this kind of hype.

You may think you've lost so much,
But you've gained some things too.
Now, you know just what's important
In the things you say and do!

Freda Fullerton
December 4, 2011

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
My mail box is waiting to be filled??
I'm one of those weird persons that love fruit cake, Christmas letters
and lots of Christmas cards!

Christmas is coming,
Coming real fast...
Cards are arriving
In the mailbox at last!

Stores are all decked out,
In red and in green...
Everywhere you look
There's a Christmas scene.

Christmas parties are pending,
Plans made by each family...
Christmas carols are ringing
In specials, on TV.

Shoppers are scurrying,
Both to and fro...
As they select the gifts,
That they think are just so.

Good will and best wishes
Ring out everywhere...
How nice it would be,
If would last the whole year!

Freda Fullerton
December 3, 2011

Friday, December 2, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is Jim at the entrance to a covered bridge in Vermont.
Covered bridges on country roads are roads to blessings from
the past.

The road to blessings,
May sometimes be obscure.
You travel down the road,
Never knowing, just for sure,

If the road leads to a blessing
Or to a garbage pit...
It may seem the latter
Would more surely fit.

There are times when your blessings
Are well hidden on the road
And life just seems a burden,
A really heavy load...

But when you reach your destination
You will surely see...
You've been on the road to blessings,
For your Savior walked with thee!

Freda Fullerton
December 2, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is our granddaughter Katie, when she was small... at
Disneyland again. Disneyland is a serendipity kind of place!

Everyone needs a little serendipity,
Every now and then...
An unexpected pleasure,
Like a visit from a friend.

A note, sent through the mail,
Just to say hello...
A phone call from long-distance
From someone that you know.

A trip to someplace, so lovely,
You think you're in paradise.
A gift from a loved one,
A special, small surprise.

Little things are what matters,
In the world of daily living,
A special serendipity...
Of unexpected giving!

Freda Fullerton
December 1, 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
Action-reaction... hit someone with a snowball and they'll hit you back.
This is our daughter, Janet and her youngest son, Jeremy. They are having
a snowball fight in the front yard of their home in Jamestown, Rhode Island.
The picture was taken in March of 1992

For every action there's a reaction
And this is a fact...
If you smile at others,
They're sure to smile back.

If you're grumpy and your moody,
It will surely set the pace,
For all those around you...
And will be seen upon each face.

If you lend a helping hand.
Help bear someone's load,
They're sure to pass it on,
The reaction will travel down the road.

It will be like ripples on the water,
Or footprints in the sand,,,
Your actions will bring reactions
That will travel through-out this land!

Freda Fullerton
November 30, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is the Niagara River, after it has tumbled over the falls.
It looks very peaceful and refreshing here. Our lives are like
that sometimes. Our faith takes a tumble then is refreshed in
our Lord!

Our faith needs refreshing
As we follow God each day.
We can't store it up...
It just doesn't work that way.

We can't say, "I have faith,"
And not put it to the test.
We have to exercise it...
We must try and do our best.

God, is that why you send us trials,
So that we can better see,
That our faith needs refreshing,
As each day we follow Thee?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
It is overcast right now, but I was up early and this was
the sight that greeted me! I was so inspired I wrote the following

I saw the sunrise this morning.
It was all gold and blue.
It made me glad to be alive
And thankful to my Savior too.

It seemed that God said, "good morning,"
As I watched the heavenly hue,
In the early hour, this morning,
As dawn came into view.

It was as if He touched me,
With the beauty of this day.
And gave me the reassurance,
That things would be OK.

How great it is to have a Heavenly Father,
Who could love me so...
That He prepared a special sunrise,
Just so that I would know!

Freda Fullerton
November 28, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is our granddaughter, Katie, when she was little, with
a friend's small Pomeranian dog. It's not hard to see the
presence of God in little children and small animals.

God does not live...
Someplace set apart,
In some far off abode,
No, He lives within your heart.

He is not an absent Ruler,
A Land-Lord unknown...
He paid the highest price,
To make your land His own.

He does not set back and wait
For you to fail in what you do,
No, He's right down in the trenches,
Taking each step with you.

If you do not feel...
The presences of God, today,
Know that He has not moved
He is with you, all the way!

Freda Fullerton
November 27, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is a Seth Thomas schoolhouse clock that hangs in our living-room.
Jim bought the clock for 10 dollars about 50 years ago. It is hand wound,
with a key and I must wind it about once a week. I sometimes forget and
I do in fact, stop the clock, but not time, of course!

If I could stop the clock,
What age would I want to be?
Would I want my children small,
Where they still depend on me?

Would I want to be a kid again,
Running wild and free?
Or would my teen years...
Be again, what I'd like to see?

Of course, it's foolish thinking,
That I can stop the hands of time.
I'm comfortable in the present,
Not before me or behind.

It is fun to do some reminiscing,
Of the days that long have gone,
So, let the clock keep on ticking,
As I keep traveling on!

Freda Fullerton
November 26, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is nature at its best. God sends His best to us...
we need to send our best back to Him!

If your load is heavy
And it seems hard to bear,
Send it to God,
He is always there.

If you have some big decision,
You feel you ought to make,
Send it to God,
He will make no mistake.

If your feeling all alone
And you're so very much afraid,
Send it to God,
He will come to your aid.

If you feel very thankful
And you feel you must share it,
Send it to God,
He always likes to hear it!

Freda Fullerton
November 25, 2011

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
I'm not sure where we took this picture? I thought it was the "Old North Church,"
in Boston, but after researching it, I decided it is not, but it is a church in
New England. and we can certainly be thankful for the influence of Christianity
in America!

Can America be thankful,
When deceit reigns supreme
Where shame is a forgotten word
And debauchery is king?

When moral's are out-dated
And life has become cheep.
Crime is on the rise
Americans are afraid to sleep.

We put locks on our doors
And on our windows there are bars.
We move into gated communities
And hook alarms to our cars.

We teach our children to fear strangers
And seek unlisted telephones.
We seldom know our neighbors,
Or invite them into our home.

Today, we have it seems,
Unlimited communication
And yet, we live our lives
In guarded isolation.

American is on line,
Computers, touch-tone phones and such.
We can send a message around the world
And never feel a human touch!

Can America be thankful?
There is hope in this barren land.
A place where integrity is not just a word,
Where truth takes a stand.

A place where morals count
And sin is not a game.
Where life is very precious
And each is known by name.

A place with family ties,
Where love reigns supreme
And we know we have self-worth,
For we are children of the King!

We must share this message
With a world that needs so much,
To know about a Savior's love
And feel a human touch!

Freda Fullerton
November 24, 2011
Written November 1998
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is a field in Israel, near Nazareth. It was the
silence of this land that crucified Jesus!

It is my prayer, that Christians
Are not living in a silent land,
That we will step out in faith
And take a stand.

That we will speak out
For babies, yet unborn,
For the sanctity of marriage,
We will not be torn...

By the world's perception,
Of how things ought to be.
I pray, that Christians will be guided
Oh, dear Lord, by Thee.

May we not be unloving,
In the way we meet,
The challenges before us.
May our words be true and sweet!

Freda Fullerton
November 23, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
I've always been fascinated with roads that lead to places
unknown to me. This road leads to a farmhouse in the
Amish country, near Lancaster, PA. It makes you wonder
about the people living there, from the looks of it, I would
say they are very prosperous. We passed a local bank in a town
near by and a horse and buggy was at the drive-through window.

We need a companion on the road
As we travel through this life,
A comrade in arms...
To help us face the strife.

One who knows us very well
And still loves us so...
One who forgives our peculiar ways.
One that's comfortable to know.

One who is always there,
Through the thick and thin.
One who never falters
And on whom you can depend.

We have a companion on the road.
One who will be with us to the end
Jesus Christ, God's son...
Who just wants to be our Friend!

Freda Fullerton
November 22, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
We rode this tram to the top of Mt. Pilatus in Switzerland.
You can certainly get a clear view up there. You can see
all the way into Italy.

Is your view always clear
In what God wants you to do?
If your answer is yes...
You are among the very few.

Many times I've followed leads
That I thought came from God above.
Only to find a dead end...
When push come to shove.

It was then I really knew
When God firmly shuts a door
That it was I leading me...
And He wants much more.

So when I follow up a lead
And it blesses others too,
Then I have a clear view
Of what God wants me to do!

Freda Fullerton
November 21, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is the cemetery at St. Paul's in Salzburg, Austria.
This is where the Von Trapp family hid during the
German invasion. They were very brave in their escape.

A Sunday kind of Christian,
I don't want to be.
Just a Sunday pew warmer,
Lord, I pray that's not me.

When Monday comes around,
I want to be...
That same kind of Christian
As the Sunday one, you see.

And, Tuesday at work or play,
I pray my actions will not falter
And give the idea to those around me,
That I'm a Christian impostor.

And as the week goes by,
I pray that others see...
I'm not just a Sunday kind of Christian
As I serve those in need of me.

May the way I treat others,
May the things I say and do,
Prove that I'm not a Sunday kind of Christian,
But each day I follow You!

Freda Fullerton
November 20, 2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is one of our past Anniversaries. The unity of marriage is
often used in the Scriptures to describe Christ's relationship
with the body of believers.
This poem was taken from Ephesians 6:23-24

Peace to the brothers and the sisters.
Love and faith from God.
Can I really find peace,
As through this life I trod?

Grace to all who love,
Jesus Christ, God's Son .
Do I find grace for others,
When the day is done?

Can I find true unity
In a world that's so divided?
If I want peace to reign
I need to stay united.

In the love of God
And the example Jesus left for me,
If I want this love and grace...
That will bring true unity!

Freda Fullerton
November 19, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:

Red roses for love... of this country and our flag for liberty.
I just hope God doesn't run out of second chances for this

Our God is a God of second chance,
When we blow, it once again,
He whispers, "You're forgiven,
I take away your sin."

When we stumble on the path
And we feel we're beyond reprieve,
He whispers, "I'm still here...
This I ask you to believe."

When we feel we are unworthy
And a heavy heart is our sin's cost.
He gently reminds us...
"I redeemed you on the cross."

He is the God of second chance,
As He forgives us yet again...
He just wants to lift our burden.
He just wants to be our Friend!

Freda Fullerton
November 18, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is Jim and me with part of our family. Our daughter, Janet,
Her husband Richard, our grandson, Russell and his wife, Jen
and our grandson Jeremy. We are as one would label, a family.
However we're much more than that, each of us are individuals,
with different interests, different talents and different dreams.

We put labels on people
And often times judge a crowd,
Not seeing each one separate,
Or seeing individuality endowed.

With separate hopes and talents
And dreams and visions too.
We just bunch them together,
That seems to be our view.

It's much easier to judge a crowd,
We don't have to get to know.
We don't have to face their problems
Or compassion for them show.

But as I think about my Savior,
Just how does He view me?
Am I a soul... an individual,
Or just part of the sea of humanity?

He does not see a mass production.
He knows each of us by name
He died for individuals...
That's what to this earth He came!

Freda Fullerton
November 17, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is a card I recently received from a dear friend.
I'm sure her answer to the question in the poem would be,
"God is guiding me."

As you journey through this life,
Who's guiding you?
Are you your own guide,
In all you say and do?

If you journey all alone
And have no help to bear,
The burdens of this life...
No one to comfort, no one to care.

You will surely find,
That you will lose your way,
So take note of who's your guide
As you travel along today.

Don't try to go it all alone
God is waiting by the road.
He will be your guide;
He will ease your heavy load!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
Smiles... from my good friend, Mary Scroggins and me.

I big heaping cup of smiles.
Today put it to the test
And see if you don't agree
It is the garment you wear best.

Mix in all the love your heart can hold.
Without it, this world would be
The loneliest kind of place,
For people, don't you see?

Add a large amount of forgiveness.
Everyone everything.
For your own sake
And the freedom it will bring.

Mix all together and top with a whole lot of living.
Just for today... this minute,
It is all you have,
So put lot's of joy right in it!

Freda Fullerton
November 15, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is a picture of my fall dinning table. Candles burning always
makes a table more festive.

Your life can be a candlelight
In all you say and do,
As you pray for others,
Your light shines brighter too.

God grant you a grateful heart,
As you serve Him through others.
May your light flicker brightly,
In how you treat of your sisters and your brothers.

May He give you the courage
To climb each mountain high
And the faith to walk the valley
As your candle passes by.

You don't have to be a lighthouse
In this world so very dark...
Just the light of one small candle,
Just that little spark.

When you stand up for your Savior
And when you stand up for your friend,
You find one small candlelight...
Can start a lovely trend!

Freda Fullerton
November 14, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is our grandson Jeremy, after he received his white coat
at medical school. Our doctors do a great job healing our ills,
but they do not heal without God's hand directing them.
I'm so grateful that Jeremy is a Christian and realizes this.

Actually all healing comes from heaven,
Even though through the hand of man,
Or the body heals itself,
But this is through God's own plan.

Healing from heaven...
Can be body or soul,
As we learn of Jesus
In the story retold.

We know that real healing,
Comes from His soft, touch
And the peace of forgiveness
Is what we need, so much.

The body may be frail...
We may be getting old,
But the best healing from heaven
Is the healing of the soul!

Freda Fullerton
November 13, 2011

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Freda's Garden:

Welcome to my Garden:
This is our granddaughter Katie, when she was small, taking a rest
on grandma's floor. We need the trust of a child, when facing the

Some face the future,
With fear and with dread,
Worrying and wondering,
Just what is ahead?

Some just don't face it,
They quickly say why,
"I'll eat, drink  and be merry,
For tomorrow I may die!"

But, then there are those,
Who quietly say...
"God holds the future,
So I'll enjoy today.

I need not fret or stew,
I need only to be...
For God not only holds my future,
He also holds me!"

Freda Fullerton
November 12, 2011